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For 20 years, aspiring athletes have used our Pop-Up sports practice nets to train their game — without even knowing it!

Since 1998, we have been the top manufacturer and distributor of Pop-Up Practice Nets to different brands such as: Callaway, Eastonbell Sports, Rawlings Sports, Louiville Slugger, Franklin, Schutt Sports Inc, and Mizuno.

But, one day our vendors told us that Pop-Up nets were falling “out of fashion.” It turns out that practice nets had gotten a bad rep because many of our competitors had been heavily lowering the production quality to cut costs. We knew that we couldn’t compete with these low prices without compromising the quality of our products. So we decided to do the exact opposite, and offer the absolute best products in terms of quality and design under our own brand, Spornia.

We take pride in every single Pop-Up Net we ship to our customers. Because who knows if it would be the next Tiger Woods or Lionel Messi who will be sending ball after ball into them? For that reason we take our quality control extremely seriously, putting every single net through an additional quality inspection in Los Angeles, California, before they are shipped to our customers.

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